Success is defined as "the accomplishment of one's goals" according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. The unique thing about success is that what it means to be successful can differ from person to person. One person's success does not equate to success for the next person.

We all have dreams and goals of being successful. Whether that success equates to being debt free, becoming an entrepreneur, traveling the world, giving back to the community, or simply providing for your family, everyone has the ability to ACHIEVE THEIR SUCCESS

This is where ASC comes in... to support and aid you in your goal accomplishment endeavors by situating you with a detailed action plan to actively move you in the appropriate direction. ASC will assist in strategically positioning you in the direction required to increase the likelihood of success. This may be done through connecting you with other necessary parties that provide the services you require or working with you one-on-one directly. At ASC, we specialize in acting as the stair-step between our clients and their success. We are dedicated to helping you achieve success no matter what your idea of success is, no matter how big or small the goal. Whether it is resume creation or revision to help you land the job of your dreams to creating a budget to aid you in saving for a dream vacation to assisting in credit score repair and management -- Ardnek Success Consulting will help you "Take the Steps & Be Successful."

Providing assistance and knowledge to the world, giving every person and business the opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve success, while making positive contributions to all aspects of life. 

To learn more about Founder, Kendra G. Logan, click HERE


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