Kendra G. Logan, MBA, ABD

Kendra G. Logan is a Success Advocate and Motivational Speaker. She is the owner of Ardnek Success Consulting, LLC (ASC), a personal and professional development firm that focuses on helping clients (individual and business) be successful in all aspects of life. Through coaching and motivational speaking, she aids clients in goal accomplishment. She mentors new employees to excel in the workplace in the first 90 days on the job. She participates in multiple school career fairs each year to motivate children to visualize their goals from an early age and take the steps to become whatever they want to be in life. Her professional vision is to assist her clients and audiences in reaching their full potential in life in order to achieve the success that is accessible to everyone through hard work and dedication.


Mrs. Logan hosts multiple events throughout the year to promote networking and positive collaboration among entrepreneurs. Most recently, she led the Money Matters segment at the Girl’s Flight Lead-HER- ship Conference in November 2016. She was the guest speaker at the Brows & Bubbly Holiday Soiree in December 2016 and hosted her own “Life is but a Dream – Vision Board Party” in January 2017.


Mrs. Logan is a member of the Charleston Young Professionals (CYP) and the Harbour Club in Charleston, SC. She was the 2016 Honoree at the Women with Solutions, Inc.’s Flavors of Success Business Gala, and is the creator/organizer of the annual women’s networking event, Beautiful Boss Women in White, which takes place each spring. She holds a Bachelors of Science (BS) in Business Administration, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a Human Resource concentration, and is currently working on her Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in Entrepreneurship. Mrs. Logan prides herself in helping others in all walks of life and finds joy in seeing people become the best possible version of themselves, the version that realizes that true success is available to all. She is a devoted wife of 3 years and the mother of one son. 

"Love, Service, & Giving are essential to life and the effort put into them creates the energy that flows into your life, the universe, and your success. Focus on these things and witness the manifestation of success within your life."

~Mrs. Kendra G. Logan~

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