June 3, 2017

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July 8, 2017

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June 3, 2017

Hello Beautiful People! June has arrived and it’s the first Friday so you know what that means… a new Ardnek’s First Friday Feature blog. This month’s blog is just a simple Q&A – Ask Ardnek! Yall remember Ask Jeeves? ... what happened to Jeeves? Hmmm that’s a question that needs an answer. Well today, I’m Jeeves… well I’m better than Jeeves because I’m Ardnek and Ardnek is a Beautiful Boss but you get the point. So yeah - just questions and answers, pretty simple right?? Special thanks to everyone who submitted a question – even the ones that aren’t business related – it’s all LOVE so I still answered! Enjoy!!


Question: Can your resume be more than 1 page? 2 pages? 

Ardnek: There is not a single rule for how long your resume must be. The primary goal with a resume is to ensure that you have the appropriate content to clearly and concisely display your skills and expertise to the recruiter, who on average isn’t going to spend more than a minute reviewing it. Depending on where you are in your career, you may be able to do that on 1 page. So to answer your question – yes, your resume can be longer than 1 page but I would recommend not to go over 2 pages. If your resume is going into 3 pages or more, it is very likely that you have a lot of fluff and could probably remove some information to get a resume that is more detailed and specific about your skills. Also remember, you no longer need an objective or hobbies or references on a resume – those things can also remove space.


Question: Should you send an interviewer a Thank You note after an interview?

Ardnek: Sending a Thank You note after an interview is not mandatory… but why not send one? It’s not going to hurt anything. It is actually the opposite and will probably make you stand out from other candidates. Less than 25% of candidates send a thank you after an interview, so sending one may actually help your chances of being hiring. It separates you from the mass of candidates AND gives you an additional chance to remind the interviewers of the great qualities you have and can bring to the organization. So dare to be different and send a thank you note… it may just be the thing that gets you the job. 


Question: What is your favorite part of your job?

Ardnek: Hmmm, just helping people. Every day I literally wake up and think “What can I do to make someone’s day better? What can I do to make a positive impact on the world today?” Now of course, I don’t have the financial capability at this time to do things on the scale that I would eventually like to but right now, I am content just helping people where I can in whatever aspect I can. Helping others is just rewarding for me – that’s what makes Ardnek Success Consulting so rewarding for me. I want to see EVERYBODY win … even those that don’t like me...Them winning aint gone stop my shine so I’ll still help them if I can so “Hey Haters, come see me if yall need something” *waves* :)



Question: What’s the easiest way to start a business? 

Ardnek: Not sure who said starting a business is ever easy … because it’s definitely not. Well, let me rephrase that, it’s not easy to start a legal and legit business. Now if you selling lemonade in front of your house it may be a different story. A lot of people have “businesses” but then again don’t have “businesses” and what I mean by that it is anyone can say I have a business but if your business haven't done the necessary steps and filings - then what you have is more like a hobby... and the IRS can actually audit you if you are running a hobby as a business. But to answer your question... there isn't an easiest way to start a business, there is only the right way and that way requires planning and preparation. The right way requires documentation and filings. The right way will increase your likelihood for success if you want to have this business for the long-term.  Here is the link to the SBA's 10 Steps to Starting a Business - It is a good place to start. 



Question: What is your dream job?

Ardnek: My dream job is... SUPERHERO – no cap with my outfit though... and my superpower would be... hmmm, something that includes sprinkling kindness over everybody and everything! LOL! But seriously - I'm really just trying to make the world a little better and people a little happier and kinder - that sounds Superhero-ish right? Wikipedia says a superhero is someone dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public, and usually battling supervillains. I think that sounds cool - so yeah Superhero is my dream job. Put an A on my chest for Ardnek?? No... maybe... definitely! :) We need more superheroes in the world... c'mon and be a superhero with me! 


As always, thank you for reading this month's Ardnek's First Friday Feature. Got feedback, questions, or comments...don't hesitate to comment below or contact me separately. Want to always be first to get news, updates, and blogs from Kendra Logan & ASC, make sure to subscribe on our website. Until next time, do this one FREE thing everyday... LOVE!


Mrs. Kendra G. Logan 

Success Advocate & Motivational Speaker 



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